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We occasionally eat on our sofas, drink on our sofas, etc. We want our guests (and us) to feel comfortable. This allows you to contribute your guests to an amount they choose, on your honeymoon costs. We want our home to be livable, so nothing is considered precious. Ultimately there was nothing preventing her from being able to accept the return, so I did receive my full refund, but it was given very begrudgingly. Nothing horrible, it just looks sloppy. I worked on it for about ten minutes (tucking in the fabric tighter) and it now looks tight and as good as the other sofa. I also like the two bottom cushions instead of three, as it looks less formal. Also read: Expiring Kohl’s Cash I actually took two samples home from the store before placing my order to test colors. PBK emails also include invitations to special events, as well as information on new arrivals, store openings, and seasonal styles. In Stores & Online: Sign up to receive Pottery Barn emails and get upcoming special offers and 20% off your next purchase.

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Since the day I hit the ‘Place Order’ button on our Pottery Barn York Sofas last September, I receive emails and messages weekly asking about them. An honest, real-life review of owning a Pottery Barn York Sofa. There is so much flexibility because you can re-use the frame and totally change your look with new slipcovers (Pottery Barn sells them separately as an option). Now, the person who bought this rug did so because she liked the look of it, and she believed that it was a quality piece because of the price she paid. Also read: Ebates Review Cash Back For Shopping Online If it’s not on sale when you want to buy it, chances are within a few weeks it will be on sale. Why don’t I have the right to buy a sofa without carcinogens? It is easy to see why she is the District Manager. Eventually I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Suzanne, a District Manager for Pottery Barn. So thank you Suzanne, I love my new Task Pulley Lamp!

I now get more comments and questions on the sofas than anything I have owned in the past.

I also love how many options you have on this sofa. After three months, we don’t have any spots, pilling, or any other signs of wear. Now that we’ve owned our sofas for over three months, I thought I would publish my first Pottery Barn York Sofa review. After taking a big chance, I ordered two of the York sofas last September during their buy more, save more sale. Also read: Join Us And Cherish The View Save up to 40% on sale decorations now. I now get more comments and questions on the sofas than anything I have owned in the past. I expected that level of service, and I now hoped that sharing my displeasure would prove that statement true. Comfort level – and it passes the ‘husband test’. Having the style you want shouldn’t be only a dream. Most of the shops you can get your registration online, without ever having to create walking into the store. We underestimated how much the cats would love the pillow backs (after having tight back sofas previously). Because of the layout of our living room, we’ve always had two sofas.

Pottery Barn Labor Day Sales

Because we ordered two during the buy more, get more sale, ours were 30% off. I’m assuming they’re not cheap, but if one gets ruined, at least it doesn’t mean I have to buy a new sofa. I had walked into the store ready to purchase the Pulley Task Lamp, which I had my eye on for some time, but no one was interested in closing the sale. “I would like to express my most sincere apologies for the service that you received at my Mayfair Pottery Barn store. And you’ll get bonus gifts from Pottery Barn when your friends and family purchase items off your registry. Pottery Barn’s website has a whole section that’s always devoted to items that have been put on clearance. And as I work long hours to service my clients, I was able to understand the dedication she had for her job and the Pottery Barn experience. Also read: The Secrets Of 7 Successful Brands It sits proudly on my desk reminding about the power of social media and the value of a positive brand experience during my long days at work.